Perception Changing

Call Me by Your Name - André Aciman

"I had finally encountered the life that was right for me but had failed to have. " 

I finished the book last night actually and been staring into blank space since, wondering what to say about it. 

Should I declare that it is so poetically written, that it feels like Elio's words have formed an entity of their own, roaming in my head? 
Or can I admit that reading those words doesn't feel like someone has ripped my heart? 
No. It feels like someone broke half my ribs clumsily, took out whatever they could reach behind them and then put it all back, leaving me to make do with what I have left.

Or maybe say that it's so honest and painfully raw, and at the same time not diminishing human desires for what they are?...

That it is one of those books that changes you. In such a way that you know everyone can tell you're changed. They'll look at you and sense something happened, to you or in your head, and you're not the same anymore. 


P.S I loved the movie too, I must say Timothee Chalamet was amazing in the role of Elio