That Hot Vampire

Triad Soul - Nathan Burgoine

I liked the second book even better than the first part. 

Our trio is investigating a mysterious murderer, which turns out to be more and more complicated as the story unfolds. I had my suspicious who might be the bad guy, but with so much magic even I was perplexed at some point. 

I liked the way their search went- they didn't just miraculously found the answers they were looking for, but put their minds together, it was fun to see them think and work together as one. 

There are side character and that's what they are- on the side, I enjoy it when there isn't too much focus on the minor characters and at some point you wonder why you read about those people. 
/ although Mann, the poetry teacher has my interest, I hope to see more of him in the next book too/.

The Families still sit on their high and mighty thrones, although I kind of like them.

Speaking of the characters- Luc is still my favorite one.

" I am your Duc, Luc Lanteigne. Ottawa and much of the area around is mine under the terms of the lignage, as ordered by la reine"
Every time he appeared I felt like pouring myself a glass of wine and listening to whatever he had to say. 
Like- come on, I can have a conversation about wine. Hell, I will even learn French if I have to for him. 
It's very untypical of me to be so excited about a character/ a vampire at that, as I am not fond of vampire stories / , so dear Nathan Burgoine- please give us more Luc. I really want to see him...more emotional and less untouchable? /I know it will happen, it's there, that's not just my wishful thinking, right? :) / 

Curtis finally asked the important question at the end of the book, and with that our boys have a long way to go ahead of them. 
So I will patiently wait for the next part. With a glass of wine in my hand. 

**Copy kindly provided by NetGalley in exchange of an honest review**