Are Heroes Human Beings?

The Heirs of Fortune - Heather Domin





The tale of Drusus Germanicus , who was a Roman politician and military commander / January 14, 38 BC– summer of 9 BC / , is told from an interesting perspective. I will not focus on this-
overall, just as in the first book, the whole depiction of the setting is great. 

Please, keep in mind the book is quite heavy on historical facts and with not so much focus on romance. 


What I expected was maybe to see the characters more as humans, not so much as heroes. 
I wished they would surprise me, I hoped to think and feel with them. In stead, I felt more like a bystander, and they were more untouchable than ever. 
Which I didn't really expect, since the first book laid the foundation for different understanding on the image of the Classical Hero. 

As far as I checked, the author is planning on writing a third book- Valerian's Legion: The War of Illyria - maybe that's where the surprises I hope for will be.